Greensboro, NC.  Leonard Jerome Kaplan, Age 86, passed away peacefully of natural causes on
April 12, 2015.

The funeral was held on Wednesday,April 15 at 11:00 a.m.
at Beth David Synagogue, followed by burial at the Greensboro Hebrew Cemetery.

All of us associated with AFGG are saddened by the loss of
our founder, Leonard Kaplan.  I am very sure each of us will
carry forward in our hearts and in the core of our very being, the lessons learned, the goals achieved, the experiences shared and  the values taught to us by Leonard.

I was privileged to work side by side with Leonard these past 7 years in creating and building the Alliance for Global Good . Leonard brought all of us together to in his words…”make the world a better place for future generations…” and to share the responsibility of doing so with people of like mind and desire. Any and all of us who had that opportunity recognize that our own lives were enriched immeasurably by his wisdom, grace and desire to make a difference in this world way beyond our own mortality.

In all that Leonard did and sought to accomplish, his intuition, brilliance and infectious ability to get others to rally around his ideas were present. At the same time, Leonard was exemplary in being so selfless, and letting others bask in the glow of the resulting achievements.

I know I speak for all of us and hundreds even thousands of others in remembering Leonard , and honoring is commitment to shape the world for good for our children and our children’s children.

Warmest regards,

David Brand, President/CEO AFGG

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The mission of the Alliance for Global Good is to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of nonprofits focused on solving global crises.

What kind of world will there be for our children and grandchildren?The Alliance is a grant-making and fundraising organization. To increase impact and efficiency, the Alliance convenes and coordinates programs and organizations that give a priority to innovation, collaboration, sustainability, scale, and leverage.

Today’s increasingly complex world is confronted with a multitude of global challenges approaching crisis. Globalization, technology and telecommunications have woven our fates together. Moral, humanitarian, and economic imperatives command concern for the planet’s people as a whole. Recognizing that all challenges are interrelated, the Alliance supports efforts in areas of health, poverty, education, the environment, and world relations.

The Alliance envisions a world in which private foundations and philanthropists work collaboratively and innovatively as partners with public programs, to reframe our biggest problems, identify and carry out smarter solutions, measure impact, and share answers on a global scale.  Effective and efficient philanthropy will generate increased charitable giving as people become aware they can make even more of a difference with the same contribution.  And as American philanthropy tackles some of the world’s most pressing problems with significant resources and demonstrable impact, America’s standing in the global community will increase as well.

The Alliance for Global Good believes we must give our time, resources, and collaborative energy to find solutions now, if we want the world of our children and grand-children to be one of promise.



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