Past and Future

Our First Two Years

The Alliance’s first two years focused on producing the maximum impact from its contributions. Late 2010, the Alliance named five outstanding organizations as Alliance Program Partners: Ashoka, Ben Gurion University, The Hunt Alternatives Fund and its Institute for Inclusive Security, the Reut Institute, and Synergos. Thru these partners, the Alliance supported 31 separate initiatives spread over 5 continents.

In addition, the Alliance produced the Inaugural Bipartisan Congressional Conference on Innovation in Giving and Philanthropy on Capitol Hill.

Our Next Few Years

The Alliance has some ambitious and far-reaching plans for the immediate future.

  • Building on the great success of the first conference, the Alliance is actively planning a second Bipartisan Congressional Conference on Innovation in Giving & Philanthropy.
  • As announced at the first conference, The Alliance’s Innovation Fund exists to identify and promote breakthrough ideas in philanthropy, focusing on supporting proven nonprofits in developing innovative ways to diversify their funding streams.
  • Among the first year initiatives was support for the Reut Institute’s development of a 21st century framework of Tikkun Olam—the age-old tradition to “repair the world.” Alliance support of this effort continues, aiming to improve the lives of half a billion of the world’s poorest citizens in the next decade.
  • Continuing its relationship with its Program Partners, the Alliance seeks to build on the synergy of the Partners’ work on women’s issues in the Mideast to effect greater impact collectively than the already effective organizations are able realize on the own. Together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!




About AFGG

The Alliance for Global Good supports effective responses to the worlds most pressing problems in five broadly conceived areas:


World Relations

Five Guiding Principles

Five principles guide the Alliance’s consideration of any initiative:


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