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Conference Agenda

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8:00am – Registration and Continental Breakfast


8:30am – Opening Remarks

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9:15am – Why Are We Here? What are the Issues and Challenges?

The pace of global change is rapid. Communities are increasingly empowered globally. Information flows seamlessly and in real time. Complex problems are broadly global and deeply local. Populations are aging, and a new generation of young leaders is emerging, with its eyes on innovation. Young entrepreneurs are changing the way products, services, and markets are conceived and conveyed. New wealth seeks new ideas for its giving. Change is the new normal—so philanthropy itself is changing. Traditional charity continues as it must, but new ways of harnessing leadership and finance to solve social problems are being applied. We are at The End of Definitions.

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9:30am – What Do Social Entrepreneurs Actually Do?

Selected illustrations reveal the dynamic landscape. From environment and education to health, jobs and the homeless, initiatives are everywhere. The successes and challenges hold lessons for how charitable giving can be combined with sustainable financial innovation to solve community problems.

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10:30am – Break


10:45am – Technology Rocks Philanthropy – How?

New technologies empower as well as spread philanthropy, enabling philanthropic leadership to reach broadly across society and the globe. The past decade shows that digital platforms can work, sometimes spectacularly. Technology itself, however, is changing rapidly. Lessons learned and opportunities seized will need to be constantly revised and adjusted to keep philanthropy in pace with technological advance.

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12:00pm – Break for Lunch

Special Session on Women and Change

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1:15pm – Social Finance – The New Frontier of Philanthropy?

Young philanthropists bring new ideas about how to finance social problem solving. This creates original approaches to investing funds both to create financial return and to meet societal needs. Big banks and entirely new groups are redesigning the flow of money toward social impact. Although often not philanthropy in the traditional sense, such approaches to finance have promise for mobilizing the significant levels of capital needed to address complex problems sustainably, and to produce clear financial rates of return as well.

  • What is the potential of New Capital Approaches?
    Amy Bell, Vice President, Social Finance, JP Morgan
    Download materials from this presentation: [ Part A ] | [ Part B ]
  • What is the role of aggregators?
    Mark Finser, Chairman, RSF Social Finance
  • What is the role of new investments?
    Peter Berliner, Managing Director, PRI Makers Network
  • General Discussion

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2:15pm – How to Build Innovation and Leadership in Civil Society?

At its core, philanthropy is a product of civil society, allowing individuals to give to, and invest in, problems, opportunities, or even personal interests that bring benefits to community. Springing from individual passions in philanthropy—and ranging across goals from the arts and music to science and social services along with foreign policy and global challenges—programs often lead to unexpected consequences or to major course corrections. This raises questions: how best to evaluate results; what are the criteria to use in thinking about innovation; and how to enhance leadership?

  • What is the need for patient philanthropy to support new knowledge?
    James Lindsay, Senior Vice President, Council on Foreign Relations
  • How can collaboration fuel the passions of individual philanthropists?
    Deanna Castellini, Founder, UGIVE.org
  • General Discussion

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3:15pm – Break


3:30pm – Closing Session

An Eye on the Future With substantial new resources moving to new philanthropic paths, what programmatic ideas will drive actions over the horizon?


4:00pm – Closing Remarks

[ Click here to view video of David Brand’s remarks. ]
[ Click here to view video of Congressman Pat Tiberi’s remarks. ]
[ Click here to view video of Congressman Scott Richal’s remarks. ]
[ Click here to view video of remarks by Clarine Riddle . ]
[ Click here to view video of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s remarks. ]

4:30pm – Reception


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