AshokaFounded in 1980, Ashoka is the world’s largest community of leading social entrepreneurs. It champions the most important new social change ideas and supports the social entrepreneurs behind them by helping them get started, grow, succeed, and collaborate. As the rate of change in the world continues to escalate exponentially, social entrepreneurs and Ashoka work together to help the world evolve new systems designed to serve the good of all. Central to that change is the necessity for everyone to be able to contribute to change. Ashoka, with its inner circle of almost 3,000 leading social entrepreneurs across the globe, and its other partners ranging from highly successful business entrepreneurs to 12- to 20-year-old Youth Venturers, brings the critical mass and knowledge required to effect significant change through collaborative entrepreneurship efforts in such sectors as health, low income housing or financial services for the poor.

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The following initiatives are part of the Ashoka Globalizer project.
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About AFGG

The Alliance for Global Good supports effective responses to the worlds most pressing problems in five broadly conceived areas:


World Relations

Five Guiding Principles

Five principles guide the Alliance’s consideration of any initiative:


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