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Five Guiding Principles

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Is the idea testing a new product, process or way to approach a problem?  How is it different from similar initiatives? What is the unique opportunity being addressed?  What new concept can be demonstrated by funding this idea?

Is the idea creating an opportunity for collaboration among peers in the development field, or among organizations from different sectors (business, private sector, academia, philanthropy, NGOs)? Is it bringing together leaders or organizations that otherwise would be unlikely to have the opportunity to collaborate? What is valuable about this collaboration?

Would funding leverage other resources in a meaningful way (e.g. bring private funding to a publicly funded initiative; catalyze or generate matching funds from other donors; fill a critical funding gap)? Does the idea have potential to unlock additional funding from other sources?

How many are benefiting directly and indirectly from this idea?  Is there potential for their number to grow significantly?  Is the idea helping an organization reach the next stage of development, or making a significant contribution to future growth?  Does the idea have potential to spread or to be replicated by others?

Will the idea generate a new product, process or approach that has lasting potential?  Is the idea likely to lead to a sustained collaboration or partnership? Is it likely to increase awareness or change prevailing norms in a given context or culture?

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When Casey Anthony was brought to trial, the news media made sure you knew all about it. You were told what she probably did based Authenitc Kids Darren Sproles jersey on Authenitc Mens Chuck Bednarik jersey what Authenitc Blue Darren Sproles jersey was known and what was thought. You were told that she didn’t have a chance in court because she obviously did kill her child. You were told that since she lied to law enforcement officers and admitted to that, her case was open and shut.

Then she was convicted. Convicted of lying to law enforcement officers. That’s all. Every other charge Donnie Jones jersey was rendered not guilty. Why was that?

How did Casey Anthony win? That can be summed up in this statement they used the laws of the court and followed the rules. Kids Byron Maxwell jersey All they had to do was 1. know the fact elements Authenitc Womens Chuck Bednarik jersey of the charges leveled against Ms. Anthony; 2. know what it takes to prove or lend doubt as Elite Black Byron Maxwell jersey to the proof of those elements; 3. know how to get evidence admitted into the court record; 4. Brandon Graham jersey know how to question witnesses on the stand; 5. know how to use the laws of the court when they saw an opportunity to object and when they saw the Authenitc Mens Chuck Bednarik jersey judge Authenitc Kids Byron Maxwell jersey or opposing attorneys go outside those rules; Elite Blue Brandon Graham jersey 6. and know how to present their case (argue) convincingly.

These principles are like when Vince Lombardi used to take the Green Bay Packers into the locker room at halftime when they were losing and start out, “This is a football” and hold up a ball. These are the principles that can be learned readily enough Elite Kids Chuck Bednarik jersey so you or I can prosecute or defend our Womens Donnie Jones jersey own case without needing to hire a high priced lawyer. We are not necessarily at the mercy of the system when we know the laws of the court.

The elements of a charge, in this case murder, not only require proof Authenitc Womens Brad Smith jersey that by the direct actions of the accused, someone is dead, they also require Elite Womens Brandon Graham jersey that the murderer intended to kill the person who died. I’m not saying that was the point Kids Byron Maxwell jersey at which the case was lost by the prosecution her intent I am Elite Youth Byron Maxwell jersey saying that any link in that chain that is broken fails to pull the matter to a judgment of guilty. I know a man who in a moment of anger spanked his granddaughter too enthusiastically, leaving bruises on her legs. He was charged with knowingly and intentionally causing harm to a child. When the case Elite Blue Byron Maxwell jersey was heard, the question came up did the parents Youth Byron Maxwell jersey believe he had intentionally inflicted harm on his granddaughter, and all agreed he had not so intended. Had they charged him with accidentally harming her, he may have been convicted, but they could not prove intent, which was a key part of the charge.

The evidence that had been found was entered into the record. Had it not Elite Kids Brad Smith jersey been for any reason, the case would have been lost at that juncture. If you do not know how to enter evidence in your own case, you will lose. It’s not rocket science and it is not difficult to learn, but cannot be done just any old way.

Another key skill is knowing when to stop. When one is presenting one’s case it is tempting to pile on testimony upon testimony instead of stopping when the matter is sufficiently proven and resting one’s case.

Casey Anthony’s legal team got for her a verdict that did not include murder and without controversial demonstrations involving gloves. For those of us who really want to know how this works, a working knowledge of law is within reach for less than the cost of employing an attorney for a couple of hours.

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