Five Guiding Principles

Is the idea testing a new product, process or way to approach a problem?  How is it different from similar initiatives? What is the unique opportunity being addressed?  What new concept can be demonstrated by funding this idea?

Is the idea creating an opportunity for collaboration among peers in the development field, or among organizations from different sectors (business, private sector, academia, philanthropy, NGOs)? Is it bringing together leaders or organizations that otherwise would be unlikely to have the opportunity to collaborate? What is valuable about this collaboration?

Would funding leverage other resources in a meaningful way (e.g. bring private funding to a publicly funded initiative; catalyze or generate matching funds from other donors; fill a critical funding gap)? Does the idea have potential to unlock additional funding from other sources?

How many are benefiting directly and indirectly from this idea?  Is there potential for their number to grow significantly?  Is the idea helping an organization reach the next stage of development, or making a significant contribution to future growth?  Does the idea have potential to spread or to be replicated by others?

Will the idea generate a new product, process or approach that has lasting potential?  Is the idea likely to lead to a sustained collaboration or partnership? Is it likely to increase awareness or change prevailing norms in a given context or culture?



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Five Guiding Principles

Five principles guide the Alliance’s consideration of any initiative:


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