American Philanthropy: Education Around the World

[One of the Alliance’s themes is celebrating and promoting philanthropy–particularly American philanthropy.  Alliance team member Rod Nichols offers this perspective:] “Trouble shared is trouble halved.” This old saying is as true for nations as it is for individuals. It is also deeply embedded in the American traditions of voluntary associations and of philanthropy at home […]

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Political Parity – the Women’s Appointment Project

Studies show that the higher the percentage of women, the higher the percentage of a country’s budget spent on health, education and environment. The greater the number of women in appointed office, the greater possibility of their being elected to office as well. Besides, solving the complex problems of 21st century America requires political leadership, […]

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Expanded Education for Palestinian Visually Impaired Children

The proposal is to support the expansion of an integrated education facility serving visually impaired children in East Jerusalem. The school, Siraj Al Quds was founded by a Synergos Social Innovator and serves children who otherwise would have no access to education. With major funding from the European Union, the school moved into a new […]

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Literacy and reading among children in disadvantaged communities

Synergos Social Innovator Rana Dajani founded an organization to promote reading among young children (ages 4-10) by establishing local libraries in communities across Jordan. Housed in neighborhood mosques, the libraries hold storytelling sessions using secular books and age-appropriate props, and are helping to develop a culture of literacy among children and families. The model is […]

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Youth Employment in the Middle East: Capacity Building to Help a Successful Initiative Reach the Next Stage

Ron Bruder, a member of Synergos’ Global Philanthropists Circle, founded the Education for Employment Foundation (EFE) as a response to the September 11 terrorist attacks, on the premise that education and jobs are the best tool to promote broad-based economic growth and fight fundamentalism in unstable countries of the Middle East. EFE now operates with […]

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Learning Circle of Women Leaders of Social Change from the Muslim World

There are countless examples of extraordinary women who have launched initiatives to fight poverty and inequity in the Muslim world, and are advancing the status of women in the process. These women face exceptional challenges tied to norms, customs and attitudes in Muslim communities that discourage women from taking leadership roles. The proposal is to […]

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Vishal Talreja (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Formerly an investment banker and venture capitalist, Vishal Talreja has built a network of volunteers that offer vulnerable children opportunities to increase their chances for normal childhood development. Through his organization, Dream A Dream, children explore, innovate and build important “Life skills”. Vishal is working on the Dream A Dream package in a box to […]

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John Mighton (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

John’s method of teaching mathematics results in measurable higher scholastic performance, along with major improvements in students’ self-esteem and attitude towards learning. His organization, Junior Undiscovered Mathematical Prodigies (JUMP), spreads this method among public schools that serve low-income students in Canada and the U.S., and he is now ready to take it to the rest […]

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Gilda Henriquez Darlas (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Gilda’s universal primary-school education program has equipped children in Mexico, Guatemala and India with the tools to become self-aware moral actors. The first ambitious step in her plan to take her model global is working with 1500 schools in 10 countries, piloting an e-learning platform and financing her work by selling her SIMULATOR for “Ethical […]

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Mary Gordon (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Implemented throughout Canada, Mary’s powerful model to reduce childhood aggression by teaching students emotional literacy and fostering the development of empathy has now launched in Ireland, Scotland, USA and New Zealand and is beginning in Germany. Mary’s goal is finding the way to train others in Roots of Empathy’s very specialized methodology and philosophy quickly […]

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