Using Solar Power to Desalinate and Produce Fresh Water in Jordan & Israel

BGU is working to develop cost-effective ways to desalinate water through solar energy.  Reflecting BGU’s spirit of collaboration with Israel’s neighbors, the University is conducting its research at one location in Jordan (Aqaba) and two locations in Israel (Hatzeva & Ashdod) which reflect an array of water salinities ranging from slightly brackish to highly saline. […]

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Political Parity – the Women’s Appointment Project

Studies show that the higher the percentage of women, the higher the percentage of a country’s budget spent on health, education and environment. The greater the number of women in appointed office, the greater possibility of their being elected to office as well. Besides, solving the complex problems of 21st century America requires political leadership, […]

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Replication of SMS technology to promote employment

Funds will be used to encourage the replication of the innovative mobile technology platform developed by a Palestinian Social Innovator, Mohammed Kilany, to connect job seekers in marginalized communities with employment opportunities. Mr. Kilany’s initiative was singled out by USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah as an example of high-impact social entrepreneurship. It is already being replicated […]

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Adalberto Verissimo (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Alberto’s organization IMAZON combines applied research and win-win negotiations among rivals leading to the sustainable management and development of 5 million hectares of forests; the protection of 25 million hectares of the Amazons through the first ever 2006 Law of National Forest Preserves; and the development of a satellite monitoring system of the Amazon, the […]

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Jack Sim (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Jack, known as “the Toilet Man”, is restructuring the field of sanitation worldwide to provide clean, safe toilets for the estimated 2.6 billion people who lack access. His organization, the World Toilet Organization (WHO), comprises 59 member organizations in 42 countries aligning citizen groups, budgets, and government agendas to underscore the urgency of proper sanitation. […]

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Albina Ruiz (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Albina’s Healthy City Group supports the establishment and operation of community – organized collection, recycling, and waste – disposal enterprises. It regroups recyclers allowing them to formally register as legal businesses and earn status as the official waste-management system for their communities. HCG was first established in Lima, Peru, and expanded to Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, […]

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