Deworming the City of Mekele, Ethiopia – Supporting Professor Bentwich’s Efforts

Under the direction of the world-renowned Professor Zvi Bentwich, BGU’s Center for Emerging Tropical Diseases and AIDS (CEMTA) focuses on the study, prevention and treatment of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in the developing world. Of the NTDs recognized, schistosomiasis (a parasitic disease caused by several species of tremotodes, a parasitic worm of the genus schistosoma) […]

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Israel-Jordan Academic Emergency Medicine Collaboration

Israel is known for its highly trained emergency medical teams who are often sent to nations around the world to assist in managing natural disasters and devastating terrorist attacks. BGU is an influential and seminal resource – a leading contributor to Israel’s high standards of emergency medicine, preparedness and response. BGU has assumed a prominent […]

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Political Parity – the Women’s Appointment Project

Studies show that the higher the percentage of women, the higher the percentage of a country’s budget spent on health, education and environment. The greater the number of women in appointed office, the greater possibility of their being elected to office as well. Besides, solving the complex problems of 21st century America requires political leadership, […]

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Initiative to Create Healthy, Resilient Urban Communities

This is a collaboration among leading community-based organizations in three countries: Ciudad Viva (Chile), the African Institute for Health & Development (Kenya) and Chintan (India). Each of these organizations mobilizes local communities to implement inclusive actions for urban development and to advocate for solutions that do not leave behind those who are poor and marginalized. […]

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Jack Sim (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Jack, known as “the Toilet Man”, is restructuring the field of sanitation worldwide to provide clean, safe toilets for the estimated 2.6 billion people who lack access. His organization, the World Toilet Organization (WHO), comprises 59 member organizations in 42 countries aligning citizen groups, budgets, and government agendas to underscore the urgency of proper sanitation. […]

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Karl–Henrik Robert (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

A former cancer researcher and clinician, Karl-Henrik Robert has successfully nurtured a global environmental movement by building a global institutional platform that brings together disparate strands of environmentalism (scientific, social, economic, etc.) to assist institutions, from companies to governments, to create concrete sustainability strategies. With branches in 11 countries already, he is looking to adjust […]

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Kovin Naidoo (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Kovin Naidoo is revolutionizing access to eye care and eyeglasses the rural poor through a new economic model that provides benefits to over 1.5 million people throughout South Africa and other African countries. Providing ultra low-cost eye services and eyeglasses, it also creates a system of sustainable and replicable training and employment of eye care […]

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Johann Koss (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Right to Play targets over 700,000 children and youth worldwide with sport and play to teach life skills, promote health, and develop peaceful communities. “Going deep” and “going broad”, Johann wants replicate his business model to reach one million.   This initiative is part of the Ashoka Globalizer project. Please click here […]

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Al Etmanski & Vickie Cammack (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Vickie and Al have created Tyze, a web strategy to create personalized social networks for groups vulnerable to social isolation. Within 5 years they plan to scale beyond Canada, the US, and the UK to support the elderly, family caregivers and people with disabilities worldwide.   This initiative is part of the […]

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