Innovation, Change, and International Development: Part 3

Rodney W. Nichols, past President and CEO Emeritus of the NY Academy of Sciences, is Senior Advisor to the Alliance. Two irrefutable facts characterize the third world these days. One is welcome: poverty is dropping. The other is worrisome: donor fatigue is rising. This combination is critical for the future of work by non-profit […]

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Political Parity – the Women’s Appointment Project

Studies show that the higher the percentage of women, the higher the percentage of a country’s budget spent on health, education and environment. The greater the number of women in appointed office, the greater possibility of their being elected to office as well. Besides, solving the complex problems of 21st century America requires political leadership, […]

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Sustainable Rural Communities in the Middle East

Funds will cover the cost of 3 to 5 learning exchanges involving Social Innovators from the Middle East. They will visit the program of a leading Jordanian social entrepreneur whose exchange tourism program builds bridges between privileged urban people and rural village communities, supporting sustainable development of some of the country’s most marginalized communities in […]

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Replication of SMS technology to promote employment

Funds will be used to encourage the replication of the innovative mobile technology platform developed by a Palestinian Social Innovator, Mohammed Kilany, to connect job seekers in marginalized communities with employment opportunities. Mr. Kilany’s initiative was singled out by USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah as an example of high-impact social entrepreneurship. It is already being replicated […]

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Funding Collaboration in the Children’s Sector

LINC Fellows from a range of funding agencies and community-based organizations have identified an innovative collaboration between two stakeholders in the children’s sector that do not often intersect. The goal of this collaboration is to identify funding flows in the children’s sector and improve collaboration so that projects benefiting children are better funded, and in […]

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Increased access to government support for child-headed households

An innovative pilot program in the impoverished Eastern Cape province of South Africa led by the Learning and Innovation Network in the Children’s sector (LINC) supported by Synergos. In communities hard-hit by poverty and disease, the elder children are often left to care for their younger siblings, placing the family unit at high risk for […]

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Learning Circle of Women Leaders of Social Change from the Muslim World

There are countless examples of extraordinary women who have launched initiatives to fight poverty and inequity in the Muslim world, and are advancing the status of women in the process. These women face exceptional challenges tied to norms, customs and attitudes in Muslim communities that discourage women from taking leadership roles. The proposal is to […]

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Lesley Ann Van Selm (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

By allowing young inmates to shape their own rehabilitation program while in prison and creating support and employment networks for them upon their release, Lesley Ann Van Selm effectively reintegrates juvenile offenders into society. Through her organization Khulisa she has spread this model throughout South Africa, has begun working in Manchester, UK and is poised […]

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Paul Rice (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Paul’s organization Fair Trade USA has already benefitted over one million small producers around the world by cultivating a more equitable global trade model. He is now looking to re-engineer his current model to extend benefits, including sustainable development and community empowerment, to 100 million producers and help them break out of poverty. […]

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Ron Layton (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Through LightYears IP, Ron Layton is creating global mechanisms that provide poor producers in developing countries with a full range of intellectual property tools that allow them to develop sustainable businesses and compete more fairly in overseas markets. His well-tested model has improved the lives of millions of the poorest farmers and now Ron wants […]

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