American Philanthropy: Education Around the World

[One of the Alliance’s themes is celebrating and promoting philanthropy–particularly American philanthropy.  Alliance team member Rod Nichols offers this perspective:] “Trouble shared is trouble halved.” This old saying is as true for nations as it is for individuals. It is also deeply embedded in the American traditions of voluntary associations and of philanthropy at home […]

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Using Solar Power to Desalinate and Produce Fresh Water in Jordan & Israel

BGU is working to develop cost-effective ways to desalinate water through solar energy.  Reflecting BGU’s spirit of collaboration with Israel’s neighbors, the University is conducting its research at one location in Jordan (Aqaba) and two locations in Israel (Hatzeva & Ashdod) which reflect an array of water salinities ranging from slightly brackish to highly saline. […]

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Deworming the City of Mekele, Ethiopia – Supporting Professor Bentwich’s Efforts

Under the direction of the world-renowned Professor Zvi Bentwich, BGU’s Center for Emerging Tropical Diseases and AIDS (CEMTA) focuses on the study, prevention and treatment of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in the developing world. Of the NTDs recognized, schistosomiasis (a parasitic disease caused by several species of tremotodes, a parasitic worm of the genus schistosoma) […]

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Israel-Jordan Academic Emergency Medicine Collaboration

Israel is known for its highly trained emergency medical teams who are often sent to nations around the world to assist in managing natural disasters and devastating terrorist attacks. BGU is an influential and seminal resource – a leading contributor to Israel’s high standards of emergency medicine, preparedness and response. BGU has assumed a prominent […]

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Tikkun Olam Taskforce

The Reut Institute will launch a Tikkun Olam taskforce which will within a maximum of three years, fulfill the following objectives: Develop a strategy for harnessing the power of the State, the philanthropy of the Jewish world, the sense of volunteerism of Israeli and Diaspora young Jews, and the creative abilities that Israeli society offers […]

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Support for Israeli Coalition and Advocacy for Women’s Inclusion in Peace Building

Since 1999, The Institute for Inclusive Security has worked with women leaders from a wide variety of political parties in Israel and Palestine to create more opportunities for women to have their voices heard. These women draw on a common long-term perspective and awareness of the effects of war on families and communities that transcend […]

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Mary Gordon (Part of the Ashoka Globalizer Project)

Implemented throughout Canada, Mary’s powerful model to reduce childhood aggression by teaching students emotional literacy and fostering the development of empathy has now launched in Ireland, Scotland, USA and New Zealand and is beginning in Germany. Mary’s goal is finding the way to train others in Roots of Empathy’s very specialized methodology and philosophy quickly […]

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